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Mini Workspace Tour

by Tatyana Vogt-

Mini Workspace Tour Intro:

I thought it would be fun to give you a peak into my workspace. So let me show you some of what I see on a regular basis as I’m working on personal projects.  I plan on doing a full workspace tour via my Youtube channel so I don’t want to show too much. Tell me in the comments bellow if that is something you’d be interested in seeing.

Anyway, on to the mini tour. My desk is a little messy but it’s mostly pens, markers and pencils so it still looks pretty cool. All the boring clutter and mess is pushed off to the side so I can pretended that I’m super organized. I’m definitely one of those people whos productivity is effected by their workspace. Because of that I keep a tidy working area, or push any mess out of the way. Out of sight, out of mind! lol.

I do enjoy some good organization and keeping things clean, but It can be a bit hard when working in a small space with a lot of stuff. Basically, I have way too much stuff, specifically art supplies and packaging stuff.. UGH!!


Whats on my desk:

As for what I keep on my desk, the obvious would be my Copic markers and writing utensils. I try to keep the space open so it’s easier for me to use when drawing or working on my laptop. I do have a corkboard and some white boards but I’m still trying to figure out the best usage for them.

In addition to the practical, I like to keep some sentimental knick-knacks around. There is a vase filled with sand and sea shells from my trip to Brazil along with a carousel horse figurine that my father gave me. A lovely tea and teapot set I got for my birthday, and a honey bare tin can I stole from my mother.  Also I have the Lord of the Rings Trilogy books from my fathers childhood next to my grandmother’s bible.

All of the things make me happy in one way or another, reminding me of people that I love and memories that make me smile. I’m not a religious person, but the bible meant so much to my grandmother. My father used to read me the Lord of the rings books as a child, and a good friend gave me the tea pot.

It’s funny how simple objects can have strong meanings that mean so much more than the objects themselves. Anyway, that’s enough of that! Hope you enjoyed this mini workspace tour along with the memory lane tangent that followed. Lol. If you did be sure to subscribe to my newsletter, and follow the blog via bloglovin!

Tatyana Vogt

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