Wonder Con 2017

I’m excited to announce that I’m going to Wonder Con 2017! Woooot woot! Thats in a few weeks! If you’re in the LA Anaheim Area between March 31 -April 2 be sure to check it out and stop by my table. I’m in booth #sp-107 in the Small Press section.

This will be my first time at Wonder Con and I can’t wait to see how it goes. Previously I’ve tabled and APE convention for several years and CTN once. It will be interesting to try something new and see how it goes. Wish me luck!

Until Next time!

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My Life

Mini Workspace Tour

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Mini Workspace Tour Intro:

I thought it would be fun to give you a peak into my workspace. So let me show you some of what I see on a regular basis as I’m working on personal projects.  I plan on doing a full workspace tour via my Youtube channel so I don’t want to show too much. Tell me in the comments bellow if that is something you’d be interested in seeing.

Anyway, on to the mini tour. My desk is a little messy but it’s mostly pens, markers and pencils so it still looks pretty cool. All the boring clutter and mess is pushed off to the side so I can pretended that I’m super organized. I’m definitely one of those people whos productivity is effected by their workspace. Because of that I keep a tidy working area, or push any mess out of the way. Out of sight, out of mind! lol.

I do enjoy some good organization and keeping things clean, but It can be a bit hard when working in a small space with a lot of stuff. Basically, I have way too much stuff, specifically art supplies and packaging stuff.. UGH!!


Whats on my desk:

As for what I keep on my desk, the obvious would be my Copic markers and writing utensils. I try to keep the space open so it’s easier for me to use when drawing or working on my laptop. I do have a corkboard and some white boards but I’m still trying to figure out the best usage for them.

In addition to the practical, I like to keep some sentimental knick-knacks around. There is a vase filled with sand and sea shells from my trip to Brazil along with a carousel horse figurine that my father gave me. A lovely tea and teapot set I got for my birthday, and a honey bare tin can I stole from my mother.  Also I have the Lord of the Rings Trilogy books from my fathers childhood next to my grandmother’s bible.

All of the things make me happy in one way or another, reminding me of people that I love and memories that make me smile. I’m not a religious person, but the bible meant so much to my grandmother. My father used to read me the Lord of the rings books as a child, and a good friend gave me the tea pot.

It’s funny how simple objects can have strong meanings that mean so much more than the objects themselves. Anyway, that’s enough of that! Hope you enjoyed this mini workspace tour along with the memory lane tangent that followed. Lol. If you did be sure to subscribe to my newsletter, and follow the blog via bloglovin!

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What are Daily Doodles:

I’m always trying to find some sort of challenge or guide to improve myself and my art. Usually when doing so, I aim too high and burn myself out. I have a habit of biting off more than I can chew. So this year when I decided to do daily doodles I was a little skeptical. Because of this, I decided that I would be lax on the “rules” or expectations of this “challenge”. Basically, their are none.

When I remember to do it, I just need to doodle an image in my daily calendar that matches the date. If I miss a date, I can fill it in later but I have to indicate that it’s a “catch-up” drawing if not done the day of. I can draw anything that I want and the images can’t be colored (mostly cause the pages are too thin). Simple, quick and purposefully imperfect.

Week One:

The first week is filled mostly with “catch-up” drawings. I did start doodling daily from January 1st, but I didn’t actually get this specific journal until January 6th. I personally went with the smaller pocket size so that their would be less page to fill in each day, but their is a larger size as well.

Here are the doodles I did during week one:

On the 7th and 8th it rained and rained and rained. I woke up to the sound beating on my windows. It was soothing, calming, rhythmic. I enjoy the rain. I decided it would be fun to do a little caricature of me in the rain. The first week of Daily doodles was successful. I have no expectations to continue, but I hope I do.

Until Next time,

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Hello Cuties,

So as some of you already know, I was on a bit of a hiatus for a few months. During that time I questioned what I was going to do with my art and with Love, Teacup Kisses. I was overwhelmed and no longer enjoyed the process. I was putting out content with no purpose and I was making  nothing in return. Somewhere along the lines I became too focused with making LTK successful that I lost my passion.

Surprisingly giving myself permission to let Love, Teacup Kisses go was exactly what I needed. I realized that LTK was still a love of mine but I had putt too much pressure on myself to produce. I stopped enjoying the processes and started focusing on the outcome. In an attempt to give myself something to focus on I decided to create themed collections, filled with fun little projects that I could do.

I have several different collections planned for the future, but the first collection will be focusing on the past. It’s called “Beginnings”, and I’m so excited about it! 🙂

What is the Beginnings collection?:

The idea behind “Beginnings” is to bring new life into some of the many drawings that I’ve already done. I usually spend so much time worrying about creating NEW things that I don’t appreciate the stuff that I’ve already made. But, I realized that their is so much potential to create awesome things with the drawings that I’ve already done. So that’s what I’m going to do.

That being said, I’m incredibly excited about the projects that I’m working on for the Beginnings collection. And, if you follow me on twitter @TeacupKisses you already know about the Beginnings coloring book. This has been highly requested over the years and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. But the best part is that their are more awesome Beginnings projects that I am working on.

Introducing the Beginnings Coloring Book:

The first project that I did for Love, Teacup Kisses Beginnings is this awesome PDF coloring book. It’s got more than 20 pages that you can print out and color. I’ve gotten tons of requests to do a coloring book. So I figured it was about time that I do one. Not only does it satisfy the many requests, but I figured it would be great for #ColorWithAvo videos like this:

If you’d like to participate in the upcoming #ColorWithAvo videos (and get featured on the blog), you can grab your digital copy of the coloring book here. Again, it has more than 20 pages that you can print and color featuring LTK lineart. If you’ve gotten one already, let me know what you think about it, in the comments bellow.

Until next time,

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Hello Cuties!

So today I wanted to do an appreciation post. Share with you some of the wonderful fan art that has come my way. These drawings properly credited LTK as copies, inspiration or just awesome fan art. Please check out the artist’s and send them some love. It’s amazing that so many people are inspired by my art, and I just want to show my love for them.

I really can’t say thank you enough to all the people who support me and what I do. The fact that people enjoy my art enough to do fanart is just amazing to me. It still blows my mind seeing the awesome art you share with me. Thank you.

If you want to be featured on the blog be sure to properly credit & link back to me and use #LTKfanart on all platforms (Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter and Instagram). I will be checking other tags but if you use this one, you’ll be more likely to get picked. Please only post relevant stuff. Such as; art inspired by, copied from, or drawn of me and Love, Teacup Kisses stuff. Also, you must properly credit and link back to me. Anything else will just be ignored.

Now, on to the good stuff.

Love Teacup Kisses Fan art:

#1. Super cute drawing of me and inspired by the Love, Teacup kisses style. Artist: Tumblr

#2. Great drawing Inspired by Love, Teacup Kisses’ style & art. Artist: Instagram – @PeppersDoodle 

#3. Fantastic fan art of a drawing of mine. Artist: Instagram – @pesto_cat

All of these lovely drawings belong to the artists linked above. Check out the links for more awesome art by them. If you are one of the artist above, thanks so much for sharing your art and properly crediting me. You are awesome!

That’s it for now. I really want to say thank you again to everyone who has done LTK Fan art or drawn me gifts. It really means the world to me! You are all amazing and I am so lucky because of it. Ugghhh! I really don’t think you understand how grateful I am! Thank you! You Rock!

Again, if you’d like to get your art featured on the blog be sure to use #LTKfanart. Also, make sure you properly credit and link back to me. I love seeing the art that you guys make and I hope to share more on the blog in the future.

Until next time, have a fantastic day!

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Samantha’s First Kiss – Valentines:

It’s Valentines! The time of year when love is in the air. When chocolates, jewelry and stuffed teddy bears are plentiful. This year on the new Love, Teacup Kisses blog I wanted to share an old image. I did this drawing in 2014 during Inktober. It was the first year I did inktober and the year that made me love it.

I focused many of the drawings around a witch character named Samantha. Inktober that year showcased her child hood, her teenage years, her family and her adulthood. This particular drawing was Samantha’s first kiss. Their is something so charming about ones first kiss. The awkward attempt at romance from two totally unaware young individuals. Childhood romance being explored with a single kiss is exciting.

Often when your first kiss is experience at a young age you are unaware of what to expect. Bashful and shy towards the other person. A quick peck is all you can think to do. All you are willing to do. It’s perfect in it’s imperfections. Something so quick somehow means so much.

My First Kiss:

When I was in first or second grade I had a crush on this kid Skyler. We didn’t interact much but my friends new that I thought he was so dreamy. One day, our friends got the bright idea to bring us together on the playground. His friends egged him on to kiss me, and my friends egged me on to kiss him back. They pushed us towards each other and we resisted.

I secretly hoped that he would do it, but fought back to hide my desire. Our friends being there definitely made it awkward. Eventually the bell rang and we were saved. Our friends took off to their class rooms but we stayed behind momentarily. I think the world stopped for a second, and then he leaned in and kissed me.

I can’t remember if it was on the lips or the cheek, but I remembered that it was perfect. A moment I will never forget.

This Year:

This year I am single, no crushes or love interests to spend the holiday with. Most of the time I’m happy to be single, prefer it even. But romantic holidays can leave me wanting. So this year I hope to spend the holiday cozy in a bubble bath reading a good book and falling in love with life. I hope you have a wonderful Valentines day and let me know in the comments bellow what you’re doing.


Until Next time,

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Booktube | Goodreads | Bookish Wishlist

February Book Boxes Unboxing:

So with this current interest in reading again I decided to try out a few book related subscription boxes. I’m trying to expand my book collection so these first two boxes basically just have books in them. I did get a special tote that I believe is included in everyones first book of the month box. But other than that it’s all books ahead for these two boxes.

If you’re interested in trying the subscription boxes out I will include my referral links bellow the video.


Whats in the boxes:

For more information on what the books are about, be sure to check out the video. I had a fun time going through the synopsis’ in silly theatrical ways. I do hope you enjoy it!

Book of the month (BOM): https://www.mybotm.com/tqkjmdxsnw154s4i

For this box you get to choose which hardback book you’d like from the current months selection. If you don’t like any then you can choose to skip that month and continue the next month. You can also purchase up to two additional books from the current or the previous months for $9.99 each with free shipping. Currently for 3 months its $44.97 shipping included. Books I got in this box:

  • The Possessions – Sara Flannery Murphy
  • Behind Her Eyes – Sarah Pinborough (Paid Extra)
  • Lilian Boxfish takes a Walk – Kathleen Rooney (Paid Extra)


Book case club (BCC): https://bookcaseclub.cratejoy.com/refer/Tatya-QBJQADFZ

This box is a little simpler but you have less control. You can choose your preferred genre which currently includes: Mystery/Thriller, Ski-Fi/Fantasy, Young Adult, Children Picture Books, Paranormal Romance, Romance Novels, Cookbooks, and Military History Books. I choose Romance Novels. You get one hardback and one softcover book included in your box. Books I got in this box:

  • The Baron’s Honorable Daughter – Lynn Morris (softcover)
  • One Fifth Avenue – Candace Bushnell (hardcover)

And thats all for now. Let me know if you’ve read any of these books. And I hope you have a fantastic whatever it is! Until next time!

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Booktube | Goodreads | Bookish Wishlist

Books & BookTube:

Hello Cuties! I want to share personal interest posts in addition to art related posts. So here is my first one which is on the topic of books. YAY! So, I am sure you guessed by the header that I decided to do a few BookTube related videos on my personal YouTube Channel.

“But what about your Art YouTube Channel!?” you might be wondering. Don’t worry, I haven’t completely given up on it yet, but for now it is on hold. I’m still in a bit of an artist rut so even though I keep thinking of videos to do I don’t have the motivation to actually do them at the moment. But we will see.

My History With Books:

So let me briefly go over my personal history with books. First off, I actually struggled with reading pretty bad up until my late middle school years. Then, even though I enjoyed books, I struggled with finishing them for quite some time. Eventually, that changed and I fell in love with books and book stores.

But, this happy love affair with books ended when college rolled around and constant moving became a regular thing in my life. Lugging around hundreds of books every 1 or 2 years was not working for me. And since I was too busy with work and school to even think about reading, my book collection had to go.

Audiobooks and the occasional e-book became my life thereafter until January 2017. I don’t know what did it, but I was just dying to sit down a read a physical book. And so I did. I went through 18 books in January (half of which were audiobooks) and I just loved it!

In addition I started 3 other books which I decided not to continue any-time soon. I started using my GoodReads account to keep track of books and give book reviews. And I shot my first BookTube video which you can see bellow:

Books I finished in January:

  • The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho (4.5)
  • WildFlower – Drew BarryMore (4)
  • Landline – Rainbow Rowell (4)
  • How to be Parisian Wherever you are – Anne Berest (2)
  • Night Film – Marisha Pessl (4.5)
  • The Daring Ladies of Lowell – Kate Alcott (3)
  • Milk and Honey – Rupi Kaur (3)
  • The Last Woman Standing – Thelma Adams (3)
  • More Than This – Jay McLean (5)
  • More Than Her – Jay McLean (3)
  • More Than Him – Jay McLean (4)
  • Everything We Keep – Kerry Lonsdale (3)
  • What She Knew – Gilly Macmillan (5)
  • Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert (4)
  • Speak – Laurie Halse Anderson (5)
  • Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell (3)
  • The Sweet Spot – Stephanie Evanovich (3)
  • Before I Go to Sleep – S.J. Watson (5)

I liked a LOT of the books on this list and hope to do full spoiler-y book reviews for some of them on my channel in the future. You can hear more about each book in the wrap up video so check that out! And if you’ve read any of these let me know what you think about them in the comment section!

Books I started but decided not to finish:

  • Revolution – Russel Brand
  • The Other Slavery – Resender Andres
  • Between the world and me – Ta-Nehisi Coates

These were all pretty good books that I just wasn’t in the right mood for. (I think) I will probably try reading them again in the future.

Anyway, that’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed, be sure to come back to the blog often! Yay! New posts every Tuesday! <3 <3 <3

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Love, Teacup Kisses blog Intro:

Hello Cuties!!

I’m not sure how to introduce the blog exactly. It is something I am so excited about and have been waiting to share with you for quite some time now. I’ve put a considerable amount of thought into the content for this blog and I am so excited for it to finally launch. But how to put it all into words! I guess I’ll start by telling you WHY I’m doing this, then I’ll tell you a bit about myself, and then I’ll finish by telling you what you can expect on the blog.

Part 01: The Why

I originally thought of this blog as a useful place for people who are interested in my art to go and stay updated. Blogs have so much potential, you can share content in such creative ways. But I realized that blogs are not all the rage these days, and only a few people still read them. So admittedly the blog is a project that is more for me than anyone else. But I hope that doesn’t deter you from staying.

Over the last few years I’ve been struggling with the best ways to share my art. I wanted a place that I had more control over, a place where people could still find my art even if Twitter or Youtube were no longer relevant. Like Myspace, AIM or Livejournal. (yeah, I’m old. lol)

I wanted to be able to control the way my videos or images looked on the website. A place that allows me to be more creative with my content or interact with you. So I decided that a blog would be the best place to do it.

Part 02: The About

So my name is Tatyana Vogt and I am a Sr. Production Artist that works at a mobile gaming company in the bay area. I’ve loved art all my life and I knew at a young age that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. Despite that I didn’t take my art seriously until I went to college and even then my time was torn between part time jobs and social events. I drew enough to learn but not enough to really improve. Honestly, I still struggle with that to this day.

After I graduated college I spent some time freelancing and running an online shop. My art was all over the place, and mostly consisted of college assignments. At some point I decided to focus my style and build a brand. I wanted something fun, silly, sassy and cute that I could do to bring a little more happiness in the world. I focused on curvy, fashionable, pinup style drawings with strange whimsical elements like giant ice-cream cones or flying doughnuts. And thats how Love, Teacup Kisses was born.

Part 03: The What to Expect

Schedule: New post every Tuesday.

The blog will primarily feature Love, Teacup Kisses art and event updates. You can also expect to see some life related posts sprinkled in with posts featuring art from artists that I admire and stores I adore. I plan on sharing tips and tricks, doing reviews and all that good stuff.

I’m super excited to share this with you and hope you are excited to. Please follow the blog by bookmarking it, following on Bloglovin’ or via RSS feed.

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